The Bell House

Modern, Sleek Design

Modern meets industrial in this unique home full of natural light.

The Heart of the Home

This sprawling kitchen combines an unforgettable design with plenty of functionality.

Video sources like satellite boxes and blu-ray players are centrally located, eliminating ugly boxes throughout the home. All you see in each room is a TV and a remote.

Touch screens like this control media, lights, climate and more throughout the home

The Theater

In the guest house on this property, an open concept kitchen and living area are transformed into a theater with the touch of a button.

In-wall speakers are hidden behind the acoustically-transparent projection screen.

With the touch of a button, automated shades get rid of glare and set the mood for a movie.

This custom shelving unit blends right in while hiding all of the room's equipment.

A universal remote makes everything as easy to use as pressing "Watch TV" or "Watch a Movie"

The Bedrooms

We love using technology to enhance a home while simplifying its use, and making that very technology invisible.

Charm in the Country

This charming home has the perfect mix of rustic beauty and modern class

With Plenty to See, Inside...

On-wall touch screens let you control music, TV, lights, climate, security, and more with just a tap.

A sound bar resting on the fireplace mantle provides full, impactful sound to this living space without taking up much room.

A universal remote makes controlling your entertainment system as easy as pressing Watch TV.

...and Out

Smart door locks let you enter with a code, lock up with a tap, and even turn lights on or off automatically.

An outdoor TV is safe on this screened porch year-round through any weather.

Weatherproof in-ceiling speakers let you enjoy music out on the porch, while subtle cameras keep an eye on your home round the clock.

The Hudson Home

Home of the Future

You may not see it from the outside, but this house lives in the future.

This four-level home features TVs throughout and eighteen separate zones of whole-house audio. Discreet control panels in each room make it simple for anyone to use.

Home Entertainment

A large sectional sofa and integrated kitchen make this theater space great for the whole family.

Simple Control

Three touch-screens like this one, placed in common areas throughout the home, give quick access to security, lighting, climate and more.

These small white keypads control every light in each area of the home, replacing numerous toggle switches that would otherwise clutter the walls of this beautiful home.

Some would call us "Neat Freaks"

When designing a system, we put thought into more than just where the TVs will hang. The location of every piece of equipment is planned out, right down to which shelf will hold what. Every rack organized. Every wire labeled. Every project.

Three equipment racks hold all of the gear that operates this very smart home.


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The Lobby

A grid of 4 TVs encased in decorative tile greet you as you move further into the gym.

Vibrant Decor

One thing we love about this space is the plethora of unique textures, colors and designs all blended together.

TVs Everywhere

This truss holds ten 55" displays, five facing the cardio area, five facing the workout space.

Lots and Lots of TVs

In the locker room, the kids area, the weight-lifting space - not to mention 50 cardio machines with televisions built right in.

Unique Classrooms

Spin, yoga, group and cross-fit classrooms all have their own design and feel, along with their own independent audio systems for music and instructor vocals.

All Controlled With An iPhone

Simple. Easy to use. Incredible.