Our Team

Jon Fox
Owner & Co-Founder

Josh Clark
Owner & Co-Founder

Jonathan Clark
Project Manager

Meagan Cooley
Customer Service


David Masters
Sales Consultant

Nathan Cecil
Client Fulfillment

Nick Elam
Client Fulfillment

Ethan Marlowe
Client Fulfillment

About Us

  • We've been in business since April 2008.
  • We've served hundreds of happy clients.
  • We are fully insured with workers comp and liability.
  • We serve Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding Central Kentucky area.

Experience Simplicity

Our company's motto - experience simplicity - expresses our belief that technology should enhance your life while being simple and fun to use, and not a burden. Beyond that, it is also our goal to make the entire process of working with us as easy and painless as possible.