Make your home work for you

Home automation enhances your life with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

One touch on your smartphone and the movie starts, the lights dim, and the shades close. When the sun goes down, your porch light turns on. And when you go to bed your house locks itself. Automatically.

Our Control4 home control system is fully customizable to fit your unique needs, lifestyle and budget. Maybe you just want beautiful lighting control for your remodeling project, or maybe you want your house to look like something out of a James Bond movie. Either way, we can design a solution that's perfect for you and your home.

Did we mention the Control4 system is wireless? This makes it simple to add to any home, new or old, without the hassle and mess of running wires. This also means you can start with just one room or system - like just lighting, or just TVs - and expand over time as you like.

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Cool Home Automation Examples

The "Goodnight" Button
After crawling into bed at night, reach over and press the "Goodnight" button on your bedside keypad. Every light inside the house turns off, doors lock, televisions go dark, garage doors close, and the security system arms.

Never Enter A Dark House Again

No more fumbling with keys - just punch in the code to your door lock to unlock the door. As you open it the lights turn on leading you all the way to the kitchen.

Get Smart Notifications
While away, receive a text when your child arrives home from school or if there is a water leak detected in the laundry room.

"Is the garage door closed?"
You rush out the door and halfway to the office you start to wonder. No worries! Just check from your smartphone and relax.

One Remote For Everything
One remote controls all of your AV equipment, making watching a movie as simple as pressing "Movie." This same remote can also control your lights, shades, thermostat, music and much more.

Wake Up Like The Jetsons
Use your smartphone or an on-wall touch screen to set an alarm on the Control4 system. When 6:00am hits the next morning, rather than a loud annoying buzzer, your lights slowly raise over the course of several minutes, the shades open, and soft music begins to play. As you get out of bed and walk to the bathroom (where low lights are now ready to greet you), you see the day's weather forecast on the touchscreen.

Don't Touch Anything
Sit down in your favorite sofa or theater chair and the wireless pressure-sensor under the seat tells your TV to turn on to your favorite station as lights dim to the perfect viewing level. All without touching a single button or digging around for the remote.

The "Panic" Button
It's the middle of the night and your spouse wakes you. "Did you hear that?" Reach to the bedside keypad and press the "Panic" button. Every light in the house comes to life as the surveillance cameras pop up on the TV right there in your bedroom.

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Enjoy Your Entertainment

Our audio/video solutions make your favorite content look better, sound bigger, and easier to enjoy than ever.

Imagine having some friends over to watch the latest film in your own personal movie theater. Imagine getting a snack and not missing a beat with the film playing in the kitchen, too. Imagine that the TVs and entertainment systems in your home were convenient, simple, and dare we say - enjoyable - to use!

Whether you're building, remodeling, moving, or just upgrading, our solutions are fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your home and family.

You don't have to be a movie buff or an audiophile to appreciate good sound or a crisp picture, and you shouldn't have to be "tech savvy" to enjoy these comforts in your own home. We believe in improving home A/V while keeping it simple, and that's what we can do for you.

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Home Theater
There's nothing quite like your own personal cinema. With the right seating, audio, screen and ambiance, a home theater can provide an experience to rival or even surpass that of retail venues. We provide not just the A/V equipment and installation, but partner with a local interior designer to transform a simple room into a moviegoer's dream.

One-Touch Universal Remotes
What good is your audio/video system if you can’t use it easily? Regain control with a universal remote that makes movie-watching as easy as pressing “Watch a Movie.” Just push the button of the activity you want – Watch a Movie, Play Xbox, Watch TV – sit back, and relax. Clear all those other remotes off your coffee table, and enjoy the clean aesthetic of hiding all that A/V equipment, since our remotes can work wirelessly, too.

Video Distribution
Imagine being able to watch your favorite show, or movie, or Internet content on every TV in the house - without having to have a cable box, blu-ray player and streaming device for every TV? Imagine being able to eliminate clutter with just a TV and remote in each room. Video Distribution enables you to share a few sources with every TV in the house, so everyone can access the same content, or watch their own thing, all at once. It’s a necessity for modern homes with multiple screens.

Whole-House Audio
Enjoy your favorite music in the living room, while someone else is listening to theirs in the kitchen. Get ready to entertain with one button that turns on the party playlist everywhere at once. Our easy to use multi-room music solutions make it quick and convenient for anyone to listen to their favorite audio source at any time. And with wired or wireless solutions, nothing is stopping your music from playing in every room of the house.

Surveillance cameras keep a watchful eye on your home so you don't have to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can check in on your house anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Upgrade Your Business

Our audio/video and control solutions make your business easier to run and more enjoyable for everyone.

Maybe your office needs some background music to break the silence. Maybe your gym needs better TVs to appeal to potential patrons. Maybe your church or theater sound system needs some troubleshooting so everyone in the auditorium can hear perfectly.

Whether you're opening a new location, moving offices, renovating or upgrading, we offer custom solutions to meet the need of every business and organization.

We've done work for retail shops, workplace offices, governments, non-profits, churches, museums, gyms, restaurants and more. We're confident we can help your business, too.

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From TV mounting and projection to video walls and digital signage, we can provide any A/V need you have for your business. Continue reading for more in-depth examples.

One-Touch Control
Imagine training a new employee to open and close your business on a daily basis. You lead them into the office and point at a keypad on the wall. "When you come in each morning," you say, "just press this 'Open' button. All the lights will turn on to preset levels, the thermostat will adjust, background music will start to play, and every TV will switch on and turn to the right channels." That's how easy operating your business can be with one of our smart control solutions.

Video Distribution
Imagine being able to share cable or satellite service, movies or other content on every TV in your business - without having to have a cable box, blu-ray player or streaming device for every TV? Imagine being able to eliminate clutter without needing multiple cable boxes, remotes and excess wiring at every screen. Video Distribution enables you to share a few sources with multiple TVs, so every screen can access the same content, or watch independent sources, all at once. Requiring fewer cable or satellite boxes also cuts down on your monthly service provider bill. This solution is a necessity for modern businesses with multiple screens.

Audio Distribution
A little background music can make the difference between a boring waiting room and an enjoyable atmosphere. Or maybe you need high-adrenaline tunes pumped throughout a fitness center. Whether you want subtle speakers and soft sound or impactful audio, we have a solution for your business.

Surveillance cameras keep a watchful eye on your business so you don't have to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can check in anytime, from anywhere in the world. And with modern-day HD picture quality, cameras let you see detail - like a license plate or a face - like never before.