Goodnight, Home

On the nightstand next to my bed is a small keypad with a button labeled "Goodnight." The last thing I do every single day is push the Goodnight button.

When I push the Goodnight button, every light in our house turns off. The kitchen, the closets, the living room and the halls. Everything goes off. The lights in our bedroom slowly, gently fade as we get comfy under the covers.

It's a great way to end the day.

This is in stark contrast to what I used to do - walk around the house at night flipping off countless switches.

And that's not all the Goodnight button does. Since my lighting system also talks to the rest of my home, music and TVs throughout the house turn off with the lights. My garage door closes, the security system arms, and all my doors lock themselves. And all I had to do was push one button!

My home's lighting has other neat tricks, too. In the living room there's a "Relax" button that dims the lights to a perfect level for winding down and watching TV. In the kitchen there's "Cook" for bright overheads and under cabinets. "Dine" creates an atmosphere for mealtimes. Each button press sets the mood for just the right levels and focus of light. It's convenient, elegant, magical and fun.

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